How Do I know if my Child Needs a Tutor?

Even though it can be frustrating, it does not mean you should ignore the problem or give up on trying turning the situation around. At the first sign of trouble, you must talk to your child. Communicating is the first line of defense when it comes to correcting the issue or issues they may be having. Once you finally surmise that either you or they do in fact require some assistance via tutoring, and then your next question should be how do we find a tutoring model that is right for them?

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Selecting a formidable tutoring service can be as daunting of a task as it is determining the reason why your child is struggling in school. If it is a priority to you that your child succeeds in school, then it must be a priority to find the best tutoring service for them. There are many tutoring services and companies to choose from, but you may wonder which one is the best for your specific situation? Here are a few preliminary questions you need to ask when evaluating any tutoring company:

  • Do you offer a free initial consultation in order to determine what type of help my child needs? Before any tutoring can begin, a tutoring service must asses what your child needs and develop an education plan suits the child.
  • How do you select who will be teaching my child? Truly effective tutoring is contingent on the relationship between the student and the tutor. A quality service will select a tutor to teach your child that has a comparable personality and usually have the same tutor work with your student at each session. Be sure you can talk directly to the tutor about your students progress or ways you can assist after tutoring sessions.
  • What type of curriculum will you offer my child? Some tutoring services recommend a complete shift away from their current school curriculum. This may have an adverse effect on your child causing even further frustration or regression. The best tutoring services with follow their current classroom curriculum with some enhancements and/or alternative approaches to the same material.
  • What is the ratio of tutors to students? Most experts agree one-on-one, individual tutoring is best. You are looking for your student to get 100% of the tutors attention. But, in general, the smaller the group, the more quickly your student will benefit.
  • Are your tutors qualified? Be sure all of their teachers and instructors must be degreed educators with tutoring experience, state certified, and/or an expert in their respective field. Students helping students is a great approach for occasional homework assistance, but not generally acceptable to close larger gaps or introduce alternative approaches to a difficult subject.
  • Background Checks on all Tutors? While we hate to think about it; anyone that comes into contact with you children should have, at the very least, gone through a state and county criminal background check, been checked against the sexual predator register, had credentials reviewed and personal references checked.
  • Scheduling? With todays busy family schedules it's important that whatever tutoring service you think is best, can also fit into your familys schedule.

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