"When will everyone get it? America has the best schools in the...

"When will everyone get it? America has the best schools in the world!"

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So proclaimed an attendee at State Representative Marcia Hovey-Wright's Town Hall meeting last night. It seems the woman speaking has a relative who is the head of a multi-national company, Asian division. This employer daily struggles with her Asian employees who, although excellent test-takers, are weak in the areas of solving problems, having the initiative to act independently, and displaying the creativity to develop new ways of accomplishing the goals at hand. These qualities, the ones US. employees excel at, are the exact qualities employers need. Those are the qualities U.S. citizens learn in our excellent schools. These are the skills developed in our schools instead of being excellent test-takers, a pretty useless skill to have in the real world, when you get right down to it.

The Asian employer finds it necessary to hold her employees' hands through every new task she assigns, giving them multiple instructions, explaining and re-explaining until the employee finally understands and can complete the task . She longs for those U.S.- educated employees who understand directions, can figure things out, then act independently to complete the task.

And that is exactly what we will be giving up when we revert to a nation of test-takers instead of a nation of people who can think things through to solve problems and have the initiative to act.

Be careful what you wish for, those who want to direct our schools toward creating better test-takers. Be careful what you ask for.

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