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Time and time again we encounter situations in the history of scientific research where I for one wished that the people concerned had fewer brains and more common sense. Getting out of a comfort zone should not be as hard for scientists as it is for the less smart people who run their lives on programmed reactions to lifes little challenges. After all, the scientists deal with facts don't they?

Of course that was nave of me. Scientists outside their specialty are just as biased as anyone else and sometimes in their specialty too where new ideas are concerned. Witness the PhDs in physics and chemistry who support creationism.

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I have written in several places about the Dogon tribe of Mali who we're living at one of the Stone Age levels and we're investigated by French anthropologists who we're fascinated with their secret religious practices. It took fourteen years before the tribal elders would tell the scientists about their religion. It involved a knowledge of the star Sirius and of another star that revolved round it. The Dogons said it was tiny but the heaviest thing in the universe, and it took fifty years to go round Sirius.

The anthropologists we're specialists of course and didn't know anything about astronomy. They wrote their report, in French in an anthropological paper that wasnt widely read. But eventually someone noticed what the Dogons had said in the 1930s.

Astronomers in the 30s had postulated such a star because of the mathematics of the perturbation of the movement of Sirius. It was not until forty years after the publication of the paper that the star was finally photographed. It was a white dwarf about the volume of the Earth, tiny compared to Sirius, but with the amount of matter in it roughly equal to that of the Sun. A man weighing about 150 pounds on Earth would weigh hundreds of tons on the star and be smeared all over the surface in a thin film. And yes, it took about fifty years to orbit Sirius, and yes it was completely invisible to the naked eye and only noticed by the most powerful telescopes invented in the twentieth century.

The astronomers at first we're very interested in how a Stone Age tribe would know about something that only the most modern equipment could trace. So the anthropologists made enquiries.

The Dogons said that they learned about it when they we're in Egypt many centuries before. They we're taught by the gods who came out of the water surrounding the Sphinx.

The Dogon pottery had the star and it's elliptical orbit round Sirius as a standard design on their pottery for many generations. Research revealed that the tribe had once lived in Egypt and had migrated to Mali around the 14th century.

But the astronomers could not deal with the explanation of the Dogons. Therefore it was ignored. When a professional geologist examined the Sphinx he didn't have the dogma of the Egyptologists programmed into his brain. He said categorically that there we're two sources of the weathering of the Sphinx. One was sand and wind and the other, round the base was definitely water produced. His estimate of the age of the Sphinx was thousands of years older than that of the Egyptologists.

There we're disregarded legends that the plain of Giza was once covered by a lake. But they we're only legends and we're always disregarded by the Egyptologists whose story line would have been dented by them.

The scientists did nothing with the new data because the explanation didn't fit anywhere into their current scheme of how things happened.

Common sense is absent in other areas also, particularly to do with shaman and others with perceptions that the left brained scientist never has. But you would think that facts might have some effect.

I had an operation some years ago and one of the ingredients of the anesthetic was made from curare. I woke up finding it VERY difficult to breathe. Shirley noticed my interesting and unusual shade of blue and alerted the nurses, interrupting an important conversation. Oxygen was applied and eventually the curare effect was gone.

You probably already know that curare is an arrow tip poison used by natives in the Amazon rain forests. It completely stops the respiration of any animal that has it inserted into the bloodstream by an arrow. My interest was personal, but I think you would like to know how it was made by the natives, and how the ramifications of the process have been ignored by the experts.

I have always wondered how some things we're discovered for the first time, particularly when several apparently unconnected actions we're necessary. People who are good cooks experience this a lot. How on earth was this recipe first discovered with all the separate things to do and so many different ingredients. This one however is the lulu of all those I have investigated.

To begin with curare preparation involves two different herbal ingredients, the flowers of the moonseed, Chondrodendron tomentosum a large vine from the Amazon rain forest canopy for the botanists who want to try it, and the bark of Strychnos toxifera. The flowers of moonseed and scrapings of the bark of Strychnos are cooked together for just over three complete, consecutive days.

Putting those dots together would be interesting enough but the cooking has to be observed from the proper wind direction. If any of the vapors from the vessel we're to be inhaled the observer would die very quickly from suffocation.

When it has been cooked into the requisite soupy thickness it can be handled safely and is harmless even if accidentally eaten. Indeed Brazilian doctors use it as a diuretic in small doses and for other diverse ailments. But smeared as a paste on an arrow head it can bring down game of any size.

Now enter common sense. This method of preparing a deadly poison from two separate ingredients in a way that didn't kill the cook could NOT POSSIBLY have been learned on the trial and error basis. There has to be another method that was used. There was, but it is not allowed into the scientific mentality.

The shaman, like the Dogons explained exactly how they knew what to do. They believe in the presence of the Great Mother as a kind of field of energy around every living thing and accessible to devotees for information and help. They consulted Her in trance state and we're given the information.

But scientists with lots of degrees would find it hard to listen to a shaman whose skills depended on what the scientist would call schizophrenia at best and hallucinating at least. Yet shaman have a wonderful store of lore about Natures secrets.

This concept of a human energy field is gradually creeping into the consciousness of some biologists and medical people as those who just KNOW it can't be true are dying of old age and related causes. Many of you reading this already know about these fields of energy, and I know some of you can see them. And I don't suspect hallucinations.

The important factor in the curare story is that it is the Great Mother who provides the data and help. And there is something in EVERY human being that comes ONLY from the mother and is not transmitted by anything to do with the father. It is the mitochondria of the cells. They are all derived from the female side of the equation and are the components that provide the energy that keeps the cell alive. Mitochondria produce the energy field that the shaman call The Great Mother.

The descendants of the mitochondrial Eve from Africa about 150,000 years ago can be traced by the new methods of genetic investigation. The several Eves concerned we're not the only source of the human race. There are mutation lines in India and China and the Baltic areas too. The Sumerian records refer to times hundreds of thousands of years earlier than the mitochondrial Eve.

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