Okay this isn't my normal post

Okay this isn't my normal post because this hasn't been a normal day! It started yesterday with my seven month old son throwing up. It just seem like he choked when he was drinking his bottle so I didn't worry much. Later in the day when he woke up he was running a fever . I didn't think it was very high but I checked it anyway and it was 101.7 F. This began the saga! His temperature has gone up and down and he threw up one more time last night.

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This morning he got up and his fever was gone. I thought we had gotten through it and he would be fine. Oh how wrong was I! When he got up from his nap around 11AM he was miserable. I checked his temperature and it was 103.3F!! So now I was worried. I called the nurse and she told me to bring him in right away! Well right away was an hour and a half (they we're closing for lunch). In the mean time I tried to feed him. He would only eat a few ounces. I sat him up to let the food settle and guess what? Every thing came up! All over him and I. I know, isn't it fun being a mom?!

He really responded to the tylenol I gave him so his fever was down by the time we got to the doctors office. The doctor checked everything and it turns out he has a very red sore throat with white spots. He doesn't have strep throat and he doesn't have the swine flu (they tested him). She said that she wanted me to take him home, give him lactose-free formula and dilute it down. She is worried about dehydration. She also said to call if his fever spikes again or if he starts throwing up again.

When we got home he ate four ounces and then went down for a long nap. When he got up he was doing well. His fever was at 100.7F. I am thinking that, that was great! So I feed him two ounces and sit him up to make sure it stays down! It was bedtime for the other kids, so I read to them. The baby started babbling like crazy. Then he started getting cranky. I noticed he was getting warmer. So within 45 minutes his temperature went up to 103.5F!!! I call the nurse at the after hours clinic. She says give him tylenol and wait to call my son's doctor in the morning but if I feel like I need to bring him in tonight, then I can do that! So after much deliberation and crankiness on the babies part I decided to keep him home . So far he is doing well. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but we are doing okay right now.

So in between all of this I have been working hard to get my assignments done I am responsible for as a Mom's Talk Network Intern. I have had a really productive week and so I am actually a little ahead on everything! Thank Heavens for that! This post is more of a vent for me after a rough day! I had many other things planned for today and not much has gotten done! The life of a mom, right?! I can't take a sick day like others can because I am already home! But I am so grateful I am! I get to take care of my sick little one and no one else!

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