Wind Turbines And Birds

A column published in 2004 contained concerns raised by naturalists that birds we're being killed by wind turbines. It is true that birds have been killed by the machines. Naturalists argued that though wind turbines could be a good thing, they we're a risk when it came to the birds that inhabited the area where the wind turbine fields we're located.

Small home wind turbines, designed for home use, rely solely on the wind to move the blades and we're a concern as well. When the wind isn't blowing and the wind turbine is not moving, this would allow birds to perch or try to build a nest. These machines we're changed too, although most of the incidents with birds we're in the wind turbine fields.

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The first step is always knowing a problem does exist. However, that is also the means of finding a solution. There are more positive aspects and evaluations than there are negative with the wind turbine. Every product has a negative side, but every product has room for improvement, and better development.

Since this extensive column was published by the Buffalo Sunday News, researchers as well as Wind Turbine companies are taking extra measures of precaution so the machines are more "bird friendly."

With new technology, researchers we're also able to slow the rotation of the bigger wind turbines down. This was accomplished by making the blade angle in a differentway. Also, larger wind turbines in the wind fields no longer have space for birds to get into the back where the shaft is located. In order for the bird to perch or nest. This means more bird fatalities we're during bird migration apparently. Amazingly consumers believed companies designed the new wind turbines with carbon fiber blades that weighed more. This is not true. And the wattage output by these machines though rotating slower, remained consistent.

The result of a recent study indicated that the bird mortality rate at wind turbine fields had dropped. Communication towers now have more fatalities per tower than a wind turbine rotating in a field. Household wind turbine fatalities with birds have almost ceased completely.

There are approximately 16,000 wind turbines operating in the United States today. Companies and manufacturers as well as owners all comply with the guidelines and restrictions concerning the environment and the safety of the birds

It is a continuous effort upgrading the larger wind turbines. Research is constant and improvements are made at a rapid pace. Not only for the efficiency of the wind turbine and how they operate but for the safety of birds too.

In an unofficial study, the conclusion stated that for one wind turbine there we're three bird fatalities for one year. In effect a cat roaming loose in a residential area will kill on average of six birds in one year.

On average, research and development improvements are the highest priority concerning the wind turbine. And this process continues as more wind turbines are used. Providing better use, as well as safety for the environment and requirements that are in effect pertaining to the wind turbine.

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