Teachers role in preventing cyber bullying

The task for the week was to present a poster depicting cyber bullying. I created my poster using Microsoft Publisher 2013. I am quite fond of Publisher and have used it on several occasions during this course. We were also asked as to consider some strategies and actions that teachers may use to assist students being bullied.

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Teachers need to be aware of cyber bullying and utilize resources that are available to them from both the school and online. Kids Helpline and Cybersmart provide valuable resources not only for teachers, but also the wider community.

Teachers interact with children on a daily basis and can be mentors and confidantes to students. If teachers notice students behaving differently to their normal selves, teachers should tell students that they are concerned about them and are willing to help. Teachers can ask for assistance from a school counselor or psychologist (if there is one). Teachers should not hesitate to get involved as bullying can lead to severe emotional and physical harm to a student.

Ultimately teachers and schools need to take responsibility for implementing programs and policies that combat any form of bullying. I would encourage teachers to make themselves aware of other issues that can impact on student's safety in a digital world. As a teacher, an important aspect is to be prepared and educated about issues such as inappropriate internet usage, digital security, social networking and very importantly 'sexting'. Additionally, discuss any issues with parents or their guardians. From my perspective, by not speaking up and reporting your concerns, you may empower bullies to continue their behavior.

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