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Wondersome Storytime is a resource for parents and teachers to help introduce the wonders of children's literature. Each posting will include the storyline of a favorite book,target age group and at least 2 activities to enhance the reader's and/or listener's learning and enjoyment.So, whether you are a mom snuggled on the couch with your 3 year old or a preschool teacher joining your class in the story circle, I hope that this blog will help to make your StoryTime experience Wondersome.

Too Much Snow! - Annie and the Wild Annimals

Annie and the Wild Animals

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Laptime: toddler kindergarten

Story Circle: preschool kindergarten

It is snowing again which is why I chose another of Jan Brett's snow books to post.

Annie and The Wild Animals starts out with this sentence, "It had been snowing for days. Winter was lasting too long." I know just how Annie feels.

In this winter story Annie's cat, Taffy, is acting strangely. She doesn't want to play and she falls asleep in strange places. (Sound familiar to anyone who's ever been pregnant?) Eventually Taffy disappears leaving Annie without any warm and fluffy companionship to help pass the snowy time. Annie is a very resourceful little girl and so she decides to find a new friend. A lot of forest creatures turn up but none of them can take the place of Taffy.

The text is simple, just a few words per page tell this charming story. The illustrations are far from simple. Each beautifully illustrated page gives depth to the story and Brett's trademark borders foreshadow what's coming next. Call the children's attention to the borders to find out what has happened to Taffy and to watch the emergence of spring.

I only wish that spring would come as quickly as turning a few pages.

Laptime Activities

  1. Take a trip to a pet store. What kind of pets would be right for Annie?
  2. Eat some animal crackers. While you are eating look at each animal cracker and decide if that you be a good pet for Annie or not.

Story Circle Activities

  1. Animal Charades Sit in a circle. Allow each child to act out an animal using actions and sounds, but no words. Ask the class to guess what the animal is and then let the actor say if their animal would be a good pet for Annie and why it would be a good choice. If a child is hesitant, whisper a suggestion to them. If they still don't want to try, skip them and tell them that you will come back to them. Some children just need to see other kids play the game before they are brave enough to try.
  2. If you know someone that has kittens ask them to bring them in to your classroom for a visit.
  3. Head and Whiskers, Knees and Tail I found this movement song on Josh Jubinsky's fun site, Library Storytime. You can sing it to Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes just substitute the words, Head and Whiskers, Knees and Tail. Start slowly then go a little faster each time. See how fast you can sing and move.

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