During the time ofthe Bernardo/Homolka serial murders, a street cop...

During the time ofthe Bernardo/Homolka serial murders, a street cop followed up on a tip from a woman who claimed to have been assaulted by Bernardo at a party. Bernardo as suspect drove the right kind of car, the right (wrong) personality, and matched the description investigators had of the killer. This was months before he was finally caught, months before he claimed two more victims. The cop worked up his tip, which was promptly ignored by the task force and then buried until the inquest pulled it out.

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The term in failure theory is Organizational Bystander. They are all too common. Its so much easier to assume that either things aren't really going all that wrong, or you can't really have an effect on the outcome of things. So much easier just to stand by and watch, not speak up, let the adults do their thing. You don't want to be admonished, treated as trouble makers, Chicken Littles, challenge your career advancement. Its so much easier to take your chances, bite your tongue and hope things don't fail.

Those who have the courage take action when facing potential crisis are all too rare. Or maybe not when things go right, do we even notice ?

What about you ? As you look at your own life, can you see the signals or are you too close to the action to know what's going on ?

Are you taking charge of your own life or just standing by, letting things happen ?

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