Learning Through Imagination

Imagination and creativity are specific to childhood, and combined with play, they can participate in the child’s harmonious social development. Learning through play is a wonderful opportunity to give free rein to creativity and imagination. Imagination offers the opportunity to develop empathy. To create scenarios, characters, the child must be able to put himself in different situations to understand, practicing his empathy.

Rockabye daycare believes that there could be no progress without imagination. We think we should present children with the world we are in, helping them discover their miracles, teaching them to respect and appreciate them.

We are here for the child in the process of development, we help him understand the world, support him to be independent, to respect himself and others, to make the right choices, in order to finally find his own role in the community.

Daycare Theme of the Month: Animals

This was the starting point for interesting discussions in our classroom. At young ages there is a natural desire for the child to share with others the things he knows, to share the emotions he is experiencing. From the front page, starting from the illustrations in the books we read this month, the children felt the need to complete the story between the tabs. They talked about domestic animals observed during the holiday. They talked enthusiastically about their appearance and behavior, food, similarities and differences.The children completed one another or followed closely. Some of them had learned lessons at hand. “My grandfather told me that a man chased away his dog but the dog found another house. When the man wanted the dog back, the dog barked at him and didn’t want to go back. Dogs have feelings.”

As a natural consequence, the discussions have slipped to descriptions of wild animals. They referred in particular to those observed at the Aquarium or the Zoo. Or in the holiday activities: fruit picking, outdoor movement, fishing. And here began a fascinating discussion about fish, starting from a holiday story about the “mountain trout”. We are looking forward to next month’s theme: Winter Holidays.

Rockabye daycare was created to provide a healthy and safe environment to cultivate and stimulate the harmonious development of children. Through the daily creation of new development opportunities, children will use their social, emotional, psychic and cognitive potential in an environment that encourages communication and interaction with others.