Dear Parents,

We have been working on developing better communication tools to better involve and inform parents and we will now begin sending out letters to all parents that attend our daycares. These letters will include daycare newsletters, informational blog posts, and learning and play activities that we incorporate into the programming. We have had a busy few months with setting up the second centre, accreditation process and review for our 8st location, accreditation preparation for the Renfrew Dr location and all the transitioning activities and want to send our thanks to all the parents for your continued support and understanding.

Upcoming for December Holidays

We want to reach out to parents and get an idea of their need for childcare over the Christmas Holidays. Please reply to us with your schedule between Dec 20 to 31 if you require care during those last week so we can coordinate with the staff.

Activities for November

We all enjoyed the fall season and admired the costumes during Halloween. As we all know, the holiday season is quickly approaching. We all need to go sightseeing so that we can enjoy the seasonal decor everywhere. Christmas is in the air; holiday songs are heard everywhere, and Santa is on the minds of many children. Whether you celebrate Eid, Diwali, Hanukkah or Chinese New Year, we feel it is very important for children to learn and understand as well as respect others belief’s which can be educating, interesting and fun.

  • Farm Animals Nov 12-16
  • Wild Animals Nov 19-30

All the activities, art/craft, gross and fine motor skills will be based on the above-mentioned theme

  • Multicultural Celebration (Diwali) November 5-7

Children will learn about the Indian festival Diwali. They will make Diya’s, Lanterns and Candles.

  • Remembrance Day

Children will make special crafts of poppy flowers for Remembrance Day. At circle time they will enjoy stories and songs.


Highlights for October

  • Thanksgiving week taught the children about the tradition, culture and purpose of thanksgiving. They also learnt about the special food and symbols associated with it.
  • The children celebrated Halloween with lot of fun and excitement. They learnt to respect others belief’s and enjoyed the Halloween costume parade involving trick or treating. They also made various Halloween crafts of black cats, bats, and decorated pumpkins

Warm Regards,

From All Of Us At Rockabye Daycare