Refer A Parent, Get $200 Off!

We at Rockabye Daycare Calgary aim at providing a safe and happy environment that allows your child to grow and learn. We have a dedicated and caring staff who will help your child achieve their physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs, while at the same time showing them kindness, encouragement, and discipline in a happy and informal setting.

Do you have a fellow parent who is in need of our services? Have you filled our waitlist form? We are glad to inform you that we at Rockabye Daycare are giving you $200 off your fees just for referring another parent.

The program is simple. After you have registered with us, you can refer other parents around you who require childcare services and refer them. Both you and the parent you refer will get $200 off!

Kindly note that you can refer as many parents as possible and there is absolutely no limit! Have your friends and other parents around you, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your young ones at our facility.

So, how does this work? Most importantly, you need to have signed up with us.

Step 1: Direct your referrals to the waitlist form and have them fill it.

Step 2: Let the other parent submit the form, stating your name as the referring parent. There is a referral field in the form where this can be done.

Step 3: When the time comes and the child is enrolled in our facility, both of you, the referring parent and the referred parent will receive $200 credit towards their following month’s fees.

See? The process is easy and straightforward, with an amazing reward!

A point to note, after referring a child, he/she must attend the center for 30 days before the credit is issued to either parent. After the 30 days are over, we will automatically reward you and the parent you refer to us by with the $200 credit. Isn’t this amazing?

If you have any queries regarding this program or the daycare center, feel free to contact us.