We all catch it; Here are ways to get over it faster

The flu season can be quite frustrating especially if you have the flu. This makes you very uncomfortable with everything around you. When your nose starts running, your body is feverish etc. It becomes very difficult to be productive or even stay happy. Staying healthy at all times has everything to do with your overall happiness. Therefore, it is relevant that you use all the tricks and tips available to you to stay healthy in flu season. Let us look at some important tips you should put at the back of your mind.

What you eat matters

The first tip here is to eat real food. Although this might sound a bit straightforward, most people have some kind of terrible eating habits, which affects their overall health and wellbeing. Processed foods are often not nutritious and healthy like other foods out there, so make sure you stay away from anything that comes in a box, just so you are on the safe side.

This simply means you have to stay away from fast foods, all the sugars, conventional grains, conventional diaries and meat products. The basic idea is to make sure you eat lots of wild meats, vegetables and fruits. All these are important for supporting your immune system in flu season.

Regular exercise

You do not have to over train your body on a regular basis, but doing little exercises daily is very important. It could be taking a walk or going to your local gym. Just make sure you move your body every single day. This will help you keep your immune system awake and ready to fight any infection.

Meditation can also help

Most people have high emotional stress, high cortisol and adrenaline. You can bring that down by meditating. This can be done for few hours or minutes every day. You can sit down for few minutes and achieve awesome results. Meditating few minutes every day can help reduce cold and flu symptoms by 40%.

Get enough sleep

Another important tip when it comes to staying healthy in flu season is to make sure you get enough sleep. If you get less than seven hours of sleep every day, you are simply increasing your chances of getting the flu. You have to make sure you get a least seven hours of sleep every night. You can make it eight hours but seven will do the trick. This can be achieved by going to bed earlier than you used to.

If you know you have to wake up very early in the morning, then it is crucial that you go to bed on time, just so you get at least seven hours of sleep. You can set an alarm for going to bed and waking up times. It is advisable that you do not watch TV an hour before going to bed as well.

In addition to getting enough sleep, you need to get outside regularly just so you can get enough vitamin D, which is also good for your immune system.