Our Commitment to Providing Exceptional Childcare

Rockabye Daycare helps provide your kids with important social interaction. Children will be given the opportunity to make friends, communicate and play with them. Our Calgary daycare also provides a smooth transition from pre-school to an early start of kindergarten, while kids who stay at home have trouble adjusting to the new schedule and challenges of school, children who attend Rockabye Daycare have no trouble transitioning.

We help your child learn how to share things, or toys, with the people they interact with. They take active participation in group conversations and projects know the basic principles of saying childhood manners.

At Rockabye Daycare your child will experience new and unknown places and people and become familiar and capable on their own. While at the daycare, we have organized many centres that allow children to explore a different subject in an age appropriate manner. During activity hours, children can choose how to spend their free time and pick which activities they want to explore. This provides children the opportunity to learn independence in a structured setting. As this independence develops over time, your child will feel confident about spending time away from home and family and therefore will have no problem in adjusting to long hour hours at daycare and eventually at school.

Daycare programs find interesting and creative ways of helping your children learn. Children are given letter blocks, taught rhyming, are told stories and are given matching games to play with. In our learning centres, what might seem like simple games are actually contributing to brain development.

Rockabye Daycare staff help children read books to improve reading abilities. Children are taught basic math skills to work out simple problems, and English language exercises to have wider vocabularies.

Rockabye Daycare’s goal is to have a significant and positive influence on every child they care for. They look forward to get to know the child as well as the parent, as parents make a very important childcare decision.