Why is storytelling important?

Stories will make the child want to be the positive character. The message of stories will always be that there is always a way to a happy ending, no matter how many obstacles the main hero encounters. Through the stories, the child discovers the world. Through the struggle between good and bad, the child learns life strategies, discovers the consequences of deeds and attitudes and assumes positive social behaviors. “At any age, man is a being who feeds on stories. That’s why the wealth of stories that people have gathered from all over the globe, from house to house, from century to century, either in word or in writing, has surpassed other human wealth, “said Indian writer and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore. Small children love the stories. Moreover, these stories are designed to stimulate the education and imagination of children, who learn to discover the wonderful world of books. Tales allow the child to enter a fantastic universe full of mysteries and as fascinating as possible. This fascination attracts him slowly, slowly with every story read the little listener enters this world. Once infiltrated into this world, the young child begins to develop his language, but also to enrich his imagination. Several experts say stories help the little ones grow nicely.

Reading a story can be a particularly relaxing moment for the little one. One of the most important things children learn from stories is the difference between good and bad. In stories as well as in fairy tales, good always wins. The little one will acquire skills to make judgments of value, as well as expressing their own feelings in a simple way. The child can learn what friendship means and what are the positive aspects of life. Moreover, he will try to be friendlier, like the characters in the story, good friend with other children, help like the characters in the story.

That is why here in Rockabye Daycare we read stories every day at circle time, and we have the STORY OF THE WEEK. This story serves as a start for the activities we are going to do the following week. The crafts, the paintings and the following up questions are related to this story.